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Kuopio Uusi Apteekki

Kuopio Uusi apteekki is a community pharmacy located in Kolmisopentie 3, shopping mall Citymarket Kolmisoppi, 7,5 kilometers south of Kuopio city centre.

We have OTC medicines that you can buy freely, and prescription only medicines, which require a prescription from a doctor. Persons from other countries can buy medicines at the Finnish pharmacies with a prescription issued in EU or EEA countries or Switzerland if the prescription includes the data required, and a sales license has been granted for the medicine in Finland.

We have also toiletries, vitamins and dietary supplements, for travelers motion sickness treatments and products for jet lag and sleep problems, wound care products, and brand cosmetics (Vichy, La Roche-Posay, Avène, V10, Aco).

Our professional pharmacists can advise you on how to take your medicines correctly and how to treat minor ailments, such as coughs, colds, sore throats, stomach upsets and hay fever.

Wellcome to Kuopio Uusi apteekki!

Hannele Taattola

Pharmacy owner



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Kuopion Uusi apteekki

Kolmisopentie 3

70780 Kuopio

phone +358 17 264 8100

Opening hours:

Today 14.4.

9 - 20